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                 Ericksonian  Hypnotherapy  & Psychotherapy

                   with Children Young Persons & Adults

                               35 yrs Behavioural Science Experience

A core tenet of Ericksonian therapy is that the quality of internal awareness is key to success in any kind of therapeutic intervention.  Natural variations in awareness are engaged to utilise the opportunities each presents to move a process toward effective change.

Hypnosis and Altered States of Mind

Many ‘altered states’ are light and spontaneous moments of ‘self hypnosis’ which last fractions of a second.  They occur many thousands of times a day.  Some ‘altered states’ - rich in internal reflections and imaginings - are particularly useful - engaging unconscious process to release and change old patterns.

Ericksonian hypnotherapy works for a wide range of difficulties including :-

Psychological Difficulties  - Low self confidence & esteem,depression, stress, anxiety, tension, insomnia, fear & phobias, exam nerves, panic attack, fear of flying, grief & loss, etc.

Behaviours and Habits - Weight loss management & control, eating disorders, smoking, insomnia, etc.

Physical Conditions - Headaches & pains, skin complaints, IBS and allergies, erectile dysfunction,  sports performance, etc.

Therapeutic Hypnosis

Ericksonian hypnotherapy works in sympathy with natural variations in awareness.

Often one approaches the client’s problem from different directions.   Suggestion made the right way at opportune moments creates readiness states, gradually approaching ‘solution readiness’.  With appropriate support, relaxed & reflective modes connect unconscious resources with therapy issues. The mind synthesises the focal elements and restructures a limiting process - generally arriving at a  better answer than the one ‘ intended ’.        ( >> see Ericksonian Case Studies )

In Ericksonian hypnotherapy constructive suggestion is engaged effortlessly and almost un-noticed;  problem-solving is less likely spoiled by negative tendencies.

This way Ericksonian hypnosis avoids a major difficulty many people - (and other hypnotherapy methods ) encounter when trying to solve problems. Either they think in too limiting a way - or they try too hard.        ( >> See Other Hypnotic Styles )

Ericksonian hypnotherapy seeks to amplify useful states naturally - as they occur. These may be deepened as situations allow and the problem requires.   Careful observation & considerable imagination are needed to practice effectively with a wide range of clients.

Constructive ideas and indirect suggestion must be deployed in well-timed and well-structured ways within a free conversation.   These methods can accomplish surprisingly large effects quite easily over a short period.

Generated from your own natural processes - solutions not only work - they last !

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