The Madness of Love

Falling in love is deeply disturbing. The accompanying hormonal & psychological symptoms are akin to madness. Life tests commitments made with an intensity of hope & expectation quite severely.   We can make wonderful gains - or more than double the trouble.

Life Stress & Bad Behaviour

Researchers Holmes & Rahe showed that all life change bad or good, stress us & affect our health. Under stress - dysfunctional behaviours - under many layers of learned adjustment - take over,  distorting thoughts and perceptions. We can react or withdraw with ill-founded imaginings and be blind to significant feelings and needs in ourselves and our partners.

Runaway Emotional Processes

Rarely are people free  from  psychological damage.  Many hidden difficulties are acted out in runaway processes provoked in significant relationships - most intensely and uniquely in the couple. Sometimes we know we are getting it wrong - and can stop ourselves with difficulty. Sometimes we don’t realise until too late.

Learning to manage these proccesses is important !

The Attraction Paradox

Paradoxically we are attracted to partners who resonate with our own unconscious difficulties. Consequently they have greater capacity than others to provoke and amplify problems - or to understand and help our healing - and we theirs.

                                                         (.. See - Fatal Attraction - The Relationship Paradox )

Professional Help

Friends and others may give well-intentioned advice - but this often confuses complex conscious and unconscious patterns.  It is wise to consult an experienced professional to understand & re-construct before problems become acute.

Ericksonian Perspective

Pattern recognition is core in  Ericksonian work - whether in Individual or Relationship Therapy.  In Relationship & Couple Counselling we enable people - through careful positive interventions - to understand and help each other to recognise and gain control over their own disguised runaway patterns.

The Advantages of Therapy

Personal and couple therapy is a gateway to deeper understanding - more profound connection, mutual appreciation and contentment. Taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions -  we become kinder to ourselves and more helpful and loving toward our partners.

Why not make use of me to achieve what you want in your relationship !

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