My Approach… Outcome - Oriented  Psychotherapy

This is a perspective and range of  powerful  procedures combining cognitive, behavioural, NLP, solution focused, and body oriented elements within an Ericksonian framework.

It is an active therapy which enables you  to make well-structured changes.

It addresses self-limiting patterns lie at the root of  much human difficulty and unhappiness. And utilises elements of equally unconscious  positive patterns  which are a core part of our enjoyment, capability and success.

Given that they are so important, it is remarkable that we accord so little importance to recognising and  re-structuring our own fundamental patterns.  Generally we are also far too little aware of  ways we can do this.

But it can be relatively easy to change.

The aim of this work is positive and constructive change through transforming your experience and capabilities naturally……  in  three stages : -

        change your awareness - including reactions to past experience

        access and develop unused or misdirected capacities

        deploy your discovered & improved skills more effectively

Often people are not sure what is wrong - or they do not know what they want - or they do not know how  to change their situation. It may be any combination of these three.

Practitioners need to understand how human psychological processes construct themselves and be systematic and efficient in analysing and identifying difficulties.  

Conventional diagnosis places the difficulty into a conventional recognised category with standard treatments.

But categorisation tends to disguise subtleties of  underlying processes and patterns - and information about the sometimes idiosyncratic  ways  these may be accessed and influenced in a particular individual.

Whilst there are some general strategies which can be used to change baseline states, effective solutions are necessarily individual. They lie in developing or extending each persons capacities in individual ways.

Axiomatically  -  the sufficiently well defined problem is virtually its own solution.

In the hands of a competent and experienced practitioner you discover ways to improve your experience or to be free from an unhappy past or an ineffective & unfulfilling present.

Properly deployed, this approach is

                                   Fast, Effective and Reliable

It offers genuine understanding and effective ways ways to take control over your life.

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