Personal Fulfilment & Personal Excellence -

    Integrating Professional  and Personal Life - Choosing Your Life Pattern

     Becoming the All-round  Person You Want to Be - Managing  Family      Relationships & Parenting Problems

  Personal & Career Dilemmas & Difficulties -

    Feeling Stuck, aimless, unfulfilled - no sense of direction.

    Unable to make plans, choices or commit to decisions

    Lacking application, enthusiasm, drive, motivation

    Stressed out, overwhelmed.

    Disillusioned, depressed, feeling a failure.

    Blocked, frustrated, under-appreciated, misunderstood

  Life & Career Choices - Life Change -

    Life Choice,  Career Planning, What Do You Want

    Life Crises,  Life Adjustment,  Clarification and Analysis

    Assessment and Decision Making

  Address the Stress  -  Stress Busting Strategies for Busy People  

  Flying Made Easy   -   Personal Ease for Frequent Flyers  

  Professional Style   -

    Fine Tuning for Professional Presentation, Motivation & Performance

     Demonstrating Effective Leadership & Making Decisions

  Cutting Edge Professional Profile  -

    Managing Teams & Subordinates - Communicating Clearly -  Asserting      Yourself Appropriately - Dealing with Authority - Managing Stress &

     Anger - Resisting the Bully      [  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ]

   Decide How You Want Your Intimate Life to Be  -

   ‘Hardener’ or ‘Heartener’ - Improving dialogues with your partner

  Work - Life Balance for Busy Professionals   -

     Getting re-inspired & coming alive

     Restoring & Maintaining  Dialogue with Your Partner

     Personal & Social Relationships - Development & Counselling

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